Project Description

As an intern for the Segal Design Institute, I worked on several smaller projects doing small redesigns and replication of current products. I worked on a team with two other students. A list of projects with short descriptions follows.

Takeaways and Skills Developed

  • Proficiency on a range of prototyping equipment: laser cutter, milling machine, lathe, sheet metal equipment
  • Innovating and improving on current products
  • Balancing multiple projects at once

Products Worked On


Knee Immobilizer

Description: Hydrotherapy device to immobilize the knee during therapy

My Role:

  • Modified design for larger patients and small children
  • Manufactured 10 new devices
ease zip.jpg

Ease Zip Zipping Aid

Description: Assistive zipping device to provide stability and support for individuals who have had strokes and have limited use of half of their body.

My Role:

  • Developed magnetic attachment technique
  • Determined shape of parts
  • Made the device portable (previously attached permanently to a jacket)
  • Changed material from Acrylic to ABS to improve toughness


Insulin Pen Aid

Description: Device that aids people with use of only one arm with storing, loading, and operating an insulin pen.

My Role:

  • Made device more compact
  • Redesigned the disinfectant wipe slot for easier access
  • Improved durability through material change from rubber to aluminum

Shopping Sidekick

Description: Power wheel chair arm attachment with a detachable bag for easy shopping.

My Role:

  • Redesigned the bag holder to be sturdier
  • Added black cloth covering and padding for user comfort
  • Manufactured 8 devices